How to do a "fresh reinstall" of Castle Story [ Crashes | Crash ]

If your game is crashing or having other various hiccups, try these steps.

1- Backup your saves and world editor maps (see: How To Backup Important Files)
2- Find the location of your Castle Story folder and note it down.
3- Uninstall Castle Story (through Steam or otherwise).
4- Delete the remaining "Castle Story" folder/files from the Steam directory or from your computer at the location you noted down in step 2. This is the most important part!
5- Run a search on your computer for "Castle Story" and delete any remaining files.
6- Install the game again.

This should fix most of your issues! Through modding the game or changing versions, some "leftover" files may be affecting your current version and causing these issues. A completely fresh install usually will fix most issue.

If you need further help, please submit a support request.
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